The World – Run By Morons

The belief in a supernatural form of evil is not necessary. Men alone are quite capable of every wickedness. If you’re someone that does think about how you feel when you say the word retard, then think of yourself being retarded evil. Hurrying home to feed a goldfish, on a power trip while the goldfish is apparently ‘too dumb to feel pain’.

Our Facebook / memes pages and how we use this site are every indication alone. Facebook is a global networking community. None of our Facebooks conform with community standards within this global networking community. Its no wonder we have to have children to receive love, and feel purpose.

“go go go go go shawty,
Its your birthday
Going to party like its ya birthday
All super horny like its ya birthday
And we don’t give a fuck
Like its ya birthday”
-50 cent

Sheep, Maggots, Cows, Dawgs, Pigs. 

Please support belief with action and help prevent a gradually declining society (with today’s level of animal cruelty) from further animal cruelty, famine and involuntary and unnecessary physical violence, with a focus on the negative effects of reproduction.

We the undersigned are concerned citizens who have supporting knowledge/ education to support reasons as to why this should happen. We would like our leaders to act toward using events within our community: Easter, Australia day, Anzac day, Christmas to show citizens how susceptible they are to being mis-guided in the face of logic to generate change regarding the above problems .

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